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Olex Portable Phlegm Suction Machine

Olex Portable phlegm suction units is a newly designed oil-free lubrication pump based on extensive design experience and development trend of domestic and overseas products. It is specially designed for absorbing thick liquid such as blood, phlegm etc. It is not only used as aspirator in operation room. But also at home as healthcare product.

Features :

  • High negative pressure, large flux, low noise.
  • It adopts advanced overflow-protection design, which can prevent pus and mucus from leaking into the machine.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry especially suitable for emergency and outside use.

Technical Specifications :

Quantity Value
Voltage :AC220/ 50Hz.
Max negative pressure value :more than 0.08MPA.
Pumping rate :more that 17L per minutes.
Reservoir Volume :1000ml.
Noise :Less that 65db(A).
Power :90VA.